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7 Day Mountains Rivers Sea Motorbike Tour

7 Day Mountains Rivers Sea Motorbike Tour

7 Day West Mountains and Coast Motorbike Tour

This 7-day tour lets you experience all the beautiful forms of terrain in northern Vietnam. We traverse some big mountain passes; ride alongside and cross the Da, Ma, and Red Rivers before rolling on up the coastline. It’s a unique motorbike tour that is great for those who want to see a bit of everything.

The tour includes ferries, boat trips, jungle roads, friendly minority villages, and some major landmarks of interest.

Da Bac on the Da river in Hoa Binh Province, The destination on day 1 of a motorcycle tour

Day 1 Hanoi – Da Bac 150 km (minimum)

In the morning we head west out of Hanoi towards the mountainous Hoa Binh Province via back roads. We’ll check out the largest hydropower plant in Vietnam before setting off into the remote countryside.  We’ll tour rolling green hills before settling the night at a local homestay next to the Da River.

Ethnic minorities in the area include Muong, Thai, and Dao Tien people. If we make good time getting there – boat trips are on offer as well as the option of tackling some barely known off-road trails.

Countryside between Da Bac and Phu Yen on a motorbike tour
On the way to Phu Yen on a Vietnam motorbike tour

Day 2 Da Bac – Phu Yen 140 km (minimum)

Day two has quite a lot of off-road and semi-paved roads. We will be touring through picturesque forested hills and mountains and although it’s not extreme off-road it is a slightly demanding ride for some. These lesser-traveled roads pass through small minority villages where we’ll meet interesting local people. We’ll have time to stop, rest, grab a drink, take photos, and look around when we need it. We spend the night in a hotel Phu Yen after eating at a nice restaurant.

Mountains in Son La Province Between Phu Yen and Mai Chau on a motorbike tour

Day 3 Phu Yen – Mai Hich/Mai Chau 170 (minimum)

In the morning of day three we head along a tributary of the Da River where we will need to ferry our bikes across once meeting the main waterway. Once we’re across the Song Da there are a couple of big mountains to traverse, all on paved roads. We’ll then take an old French highway that is semi-paved, avoiding the national highway where we can visit a waterfall.

Finally we’ll climb very steeply back up to the main road before descending into the Mai Chau valley. This is a White Thai minority region with some of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet. We can choose to stay in a village next to Mai Chau town or a little further out in Mai Hich village.

Mai Chai valley a motorbike tour destination in Vietnam

Day 4 Mai Hich/Mai Chau – Ninh Binh 180 km (minimum)

On day four we start to head east towards the coast. We’ll pass through the mountains of Pu Luong nature reserve – there are a variety of routes available depending on our rider’s abilities.  We also have an option to visit giant water wheels used by local minorities for crop irrigation along the Ma River.

We’ll next take side roads past the Cuc Phuong National Park before arriving at Tam Coc in Ninh Binh. This area of Ninh Binh is famous for its karst mountains, caves, waterways and is popularly described as Ha Long Bay on land.

Boats on the river at Tam Coc in Ninh Binh a motorbike tour destination in Vietnam

Day 5 Ninh Binh – Nam Dinh 120 km (minimum)

On the morning of day 5 we take a boat trip along the cliff-lined streams of Tam Coc before setting off motorbike touring once again. We next visit the impressive Phat Diem cathedral that was completely built by hand and was completed in 1899.

In the afternoon we head to the peaceful coast of Nam Dinh where we spend the night by the sound of the ocean.

Fishing boats on the coast of Nam Dinh as seen on a motorbike tour with viettracks
Nam Dinh locals swimming at king tide in northern Vietnam

Day 6 Nam Dinh – Hai Phong 130 (minimum)

On day six we head north along the coast through the Red River Delta. Whilst the landscape is mostly flat it’s unlike any other area in Vietnam. It seems to be totally underrated because nobody ventures there. It’s as fertile an area as you’ll ever find with all range of vegetables and seafood being farmed.

We’ll pass and see countless churches and cathedrals as we ride through back roads of rice farms and through small Christian towns. We’ll encounter amazing tidal mudflats that stretch as far as the eye can see and can eat delicious fresh clams, fish, seafood, and vegetables when we get there.

In the afternoon we ferry across into Haiphong where we stay the night in a small town by the coast.

Stilt huts on the tidal mudflats of Thai Binh's coastline in Northern Vietnam
Catholic Cathedral in Nam Dinh on day 6 of a motorbike tour of Vietnam

Day 7 Hai Phong – Hanoi 140 km (minimum)

After trying the local breakfast specialties we head west back to Hanoi. Our route avoids most major roads and is a relaxed 2 wheel tour.

We’ll cruise countryside roads at leisure and stop at Bat Trang Pottery village that afternoon. It’s an ancient pottery village that now provides ceramics worldwide, it’s quite a spectacle and worthy of a stop – if only for a few photographs and a quick walk around the main market.

Finally we’ll cross the Red River again, head back into Hanoi to end our journey and celebrate.

Cement levee roads on the way to Haiphong on a motorbike tour of Vietnam
Workers planting rice near Haiphong as we passed by on a motorbike tour

7 Day Mountains Rivers Sea Motorbike Tour - All Inclusive Pricing

1 bike
Honda XR 150 cc
2 Bikes
Honda XR 150 cc

3 bikes
Honda XR 150 cc
4 bikes
Honda XR 150 cc
5 bikes
Honda XR 150 cc
Honda XR 150 cc
8-10 bikes
Honda XR 150 cc
11-14 bikes
Honda XR 150 cc
15 + bikes
Honda XR 150 cc

All Inclusive Pricing

Our all-inclusive prices include – 6 nights accommodation, motorbike hire, use of a helmet and gloves, all fuel, all meals, tickets or entrance fees, and a multilingual tour guide. Pretty much everything apart from souvenirs and alcoholic beverages.

An upgrade to a Honda CRF 250 cc costs an extra $35 USD per day (TOTAL + $245 USD)

Prices are for 1 rider per bike, if you want to take a pillion please kindly get in touch for a separate price