FAQs About Motorbike Tours in Vietnam

So you want to ride a motorbike tour in Vietnam but you have a heap of questions to ask? Here is a good starting point, if you have any further queries get in touch and we will respond asap.

flowers in the mountains of Pu Luong nature reserve, Vietnam

A List of FAQs and Answers

We Provide Helmets and bungee straps free for use. Minor spare parts such as an extra inner tube and clutch and throttle cables are also in given case of a remote need for such parts.

A guided motorbike tour with Viet Tracks is an all-inclusive one. We provide all bikes, fuel, meals, accommodation and a guide. Depending on group size and destinations we also provide a mechanic and support vehicle. A guided tour takes you to places and down routes that are hard to find on your own. We have spent over a decade accumulating route knowledge and building contacts - a guided tour offers our insights and guarantees a great motorbike ride.

For all rentals and tour bookings we require a 40% deposit. The remainder can be paid before or on the day of departure. Like all other companies in Hanoi we require a passport deposit as collateral on the motorbike. It's perfectly safe and nothing to be concerned about although if you don't like this idea we can accept a cash deposit which is returned when the bike is.

Yes, we are happy to sit down with you and go over a map with any rental.

For overseas guests we accept a few methods of payment such as direct deposit, PayPal and Western Union. Get in touch to see what's best for you. If you are already in Vietnam, we of course accept cash.

If you have a helmet that fits or any other riding gear that is comfortable we recommend you bring it. If not we have a selection of helmets and gloves.

Suitable footwear is a must, boots are good but for most tours a solid pair of shoes or runners will do the job. We also suggest long trousers or jeans and a jacket for riding. Eyewear is essential to protect your eyes from dust and bugs on the road.

The best way to carry your clothes and other belongings is in a backpack that is easily strapped to the rear rack of the motorbike.

We have a secure storage facility for any bags or suitcases you have but don't need to carry on tour. This is a free service.

Aside from the fact that motorbike touring in Vietnam is absolutely stunning there are a few things to remember.

Always expect the unexpected, traffic rules are not always obeyed here so peripheral vision is important. For example, always check before crossing an intersection even if the light is green. If someone is indicating to turn left, they may turn right so be cautious when overtaking.

In the countryside there are lots of animals, especially buffaloes and dogs on the roads, don't go hammering into blind corners. Also, when passing livestock slow down, an animal can get startled and move unexpectedly.

Larger vehicles down particularly care for smaller ones, buses and trucks will overtake each other leaving you minimal amount of road to stay on.

This all may seem a little daunting but with common sense navigating the roads of Vietnam can be perfectly safe.

Yes, of course. We have priced the tours as one rider per bike. If you'd like to take a pillion get in touch for a separate price.

On our tours we stay in a mixture of high quality homestays and small hotels.

You will be eating traditional Vietnamese food which is delicious. A local lunch or dinner involves an array of dishes that are shared by a group. Sometimes we dine at restaurants and at other times in minority homestays. If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know upon booking your motorbike tour.

Yes, our guides are bilingual - English and Vietnamese. If you have other language requirements let us know.

It depends on the groups ability and the tour itself. We generally stop every hour or two for refreshments and photo opportunities.

No, we do not provide insurance. You must arrange this independently.

Yes, we can!

The Clouds of Bac Son in the mountains of Vietnam