Motorbike Tours in Vietnam

3 Day Off-Road Motorbike Tour

3 Day Off-Road Motorbike Tour

Hanoi – Bac Yen – Nghia Lo – Hanoi

Hanoi – Bac Yen – Nghia Lo – Hanoi

This challenging 3 day tour is only for accomplished riders. It involves serious off-road trails and steep climbs along mountain edges that are rewarded with some of the most beautiful vistas that northern Vietnam has to offer. We visit completely remote areas that are sparsely inhabited by ethnic minorities and have barely been visited by Western tourists.

The roads are tough and it takes stamina to complete the journey although Viet Tracks can break it down over an extra day or 2 if guests require.

Note that we can’t run this tour during the wet season, the off-road just gets too insane and we always put the safety of our riders first and foremost.

Off road motorbike trail in Son La province

DAY1 Hanoi – Bac Yen

We get out of the big smoke, head to Hoa Binh before taking back roads and off road trails through Phu Tho province,  skirting alongside tea plantations and a Xuan Son national park. We ride on into the mountainous Son La province  and arrive at the quiet town of Bac Yen.

The beginning of the off road
Off road trail in yen bai

DAY 2 Bac Yen- Nghia Lo

Day 2 gets seriously fun… In the morning we ascend to dragon back ridge, those not afraid of heights can ride out to the ridge’s end. or not – riders can simply sit back and soak up the views or walk the ridge. We head north from here along 50km of tough off road with amazing scenery and encounters with remote mountain folk. We finally get back on semi paved road, cruising the edge of a huge river valley and descend to Nghia Lo.

Steep river rapids in north veitnam
Road along a winding river valley in Yen Bai
Ethnic minority girls selling vegetables on the side of the road
Wooden bridge in Yen bai province

Day 3 Nghia Lo – Hanoi

Heading back to Hanoi we climb up and traverse the Ach mountain pass in Yen Bai, it’s all new tarmac and one hell of a ride. As we get closer to home we’ll stop in Son Tay to see a bit of history in an ancient citadel that now houses Vietnam-America war era aircraft.