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Customised Motorbike Tours

All tours are customized to each rider or groups abilities and wants. Let us know what the kind of riding you want to do, the places you’d like to see and the any other preference you have. No matter your style of travel we can provide the perfect tour –  be it hardcore off-road or cruising on sealed roads. Do you like to ride long distances and conquer territory or ramble and take photographs? You can stay in high end hotels, in remote minority villages or something in between.

Our suggested tours are easily modified to add extra days and destinations depending on the biker. It’s your journey, let us know what you’d like and we will tailor the trip to your needs!

Off[road motorcycle touring in Vietnam
Muddy trail with a Honda  XR and CRF with dog


A good starting point is to decide on how much time you have to tour. If you only have a few days don’t be too ambitious, part of the joy of riding is seeing sights and experiencing local ways of life. Sitting on a bike for over 8 hours a day can be physically demanding for some.

We highly recommend you take your time, meet people, stop at scenic and historical places and immerse yourself in local Vietnamese culture .Casual riding usually consists of 150 to 180 km a day in the north, with 250 km being a fairly long day behind the wheel on sealed roads. Off road depends entirely on the trail and weather conditions, some muddy back roads may have you travelling at under 10 km per hour.

A river road on a  Vietnam motorbike tour with viettracks


The weather is a very important factor in riding, especially in the mountains of northern Vietnam. From June to September the north is prone to flash flooding and landslides. Good touring can always be done in these months although you should be aware of weather forecasts and road conditions. Viet Tracks takes your safety seriously and we liaise with our local friends to obtain the most up to date information on road conditions when we tour.

During these times some routes may need to be adjusted as some roads are impassable. We always have secondary routes, we know the tracks.

Taxi bogged in seawater and cant get out
Roadworks on a landslide in Dien Bien